Farlight Brings A Captivating Drawing Experience To Your Device

22 Aug 2013

Farlight Logo

Today we at Outcoder are pleased to announce the release of our brand new app: Farlight! Farlight lets you paint onto a moving canvas while creating stunning translucent animated abstract art.

We’ve gone cross-platform and we’ve targeted all the major app platforms! Farlight is available for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, Windows Phone 7 & 8, and for Windows 8 on the Windows Store.

We targeted multiple-platforms using the great tools from our friends at Xamarin. We also leveraged the OS Monogame framework, which allowed us to reuse 95% of our code. Thanks go out to the Monogame team, you guys are doing a terrific job.

We’ve had a lot of fun building this app over the summer. We hope you like it. Here’s a video of the app running on an iPad 4 with a Retina display.


Download the app for your device: