Context Sensitive History Part 1 Of 2

24 Feb 2010

A Desktop and Silverlight user action management system, with undo, redo, and repeat. Allowing actions to be monitored, and grouped according to a context (such as a UI control), executed sequentially or in parallel, and even to be rolled back on failure. A ‘task’ is the term I use to describe application work units, instigated by the user or the system. The main features of the task management system provided in this article are: Tasks...

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Silverlight Youtube Jukebox

22 Feb 2010

My wife, Katka, just published an article on creating a YouTube video viewer with Silverlight 4 and RIA Services. I may be a bit biased, but I think it’s great!

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Viewmodel Active Awareness In A Prism Based Application

05 Feb 2010

Yesterday, while chatting with the talented Jeremiah Morrill and other WPF Disciples about some MVVM subtleties (for the full post see here), Jeremiah briefly touched on the topic of providing ViewModels with the awareness of being active or inactive within a Prism based application. I wanted to explore this further, and decided to integrate this functionality into Calcium. What I provide here isn’t rocket science, and merely serves to illustrate one of indeed many design...

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Synchronous Invocation Of Delegates With The Silverlight Dispatcher

10 Jan 2010

Introduction In this post I would like to briefly discuss the System.Windows.Threading.Dispatcher class, and the significant differences between its Silverlight and Desktop CLR implementations. We are going to look at solving two things: Consuming the UI’s Dispatcher in Silverlight before a page has been instanciated. Allowing for synchronous invocation of delegates on the UI thread. Background Recently my good friend Sacha Barber published an article, and in the comments of which we briefly touched on...

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Clog Project Source Integrated Into Calcium

02 Dec 2009

I am pleased to announce that the Clog project has been integrated into Calcium. The source code for both the Silverlight and Desktop CLR Clog projects is now located along with the Calcium source code on Codeplex. Why did I take this step? The reason is that there are shared projects across Clog and Calcium, and maintaining two codebases would not be a good thing. One of my goals when publishing software is to make...

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