IEnumerable IsNullOrEmpty

18 Apr 2010

String.IsNullOrEmpty is a commonly used method for determining whether a string is null or has a zero length. But, no such method exists in the FCL for collections. A moment ago I whipped up an extension method for IEnumerable types. It’s not rocket science, but I thought I would post it anyway. public static class Extensions { /// <summary> /// Determines whether the collection is null or contains no elements. /// </summary> /// <typeparam name="T">The...

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Microsoft Mvp Award

03 Apr 2010

I arrived back in Geneva on Thursday night, after spending a couple of days in Belgium attending Techdays 10. I had a blast, and some of the highlights for me were: The presentation by my good friend Laurent Bugnion entitled A day in the life of a WPF/SL. Very cool. I had the opportunity to ask Anders Hejlsberg about the new .NET 4.0 default parameter feature. I attended a presentation on Moles. Looking forward to...

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Building A Windows Phone 7 Puzzle Game

25 Mar 2010

Get a head start with the new Windows Phone 7 developer tools. Learn how to create a Sokoban game in Silverlight for the WP7 platform. Read on…

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Synchronous Web Service Calls In Silverlight Using Javascript

18 Mar 2010

MVP Valentin Billotte has written a very interesting article about using JavaScript to call web services in Silverlight with the ability to block until call completion on the UI thread.

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Context Sensitive History Part 2 Of 2

13 Mar 2010

This part focusses on the Calcium integration of the Task Model. This project is a Desktop and Silverlight user action management system, with undo, redo, and repeat. Allowing actions to be monitored, and grouped according to a context (such as a UI control), executed sequentially or in parallel, and even to be rolled back on failure. A ‘task’ is the term I use to describe application work units, instigated by the user or the system....

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