Regex for Single-Line Property Accessors to Expression Bodied Functions

01 Aug 2017

Since C# 6.0 arrived, expression bodied functions have made for more concise properties; turning this: string foo; public string Foo { get { return foo; } set { foo = value; } } into this: string foo; public string Foo { get => foo; set => foo = value; } Resharper has a nice feature that lets you convert property accessors to expression bodied function across your project or solution. But if you do not...

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Creating a Figure Auto-Number Addin for Markdown Monster

18 Jul 2017

Today I was faced with manually updating all the figure numbers in a large markdown document. Given that Markdown Monster has a terrific extensibility model, I couldn’t resist building another addin to automate the updating of the figure numbers. I did, however, get a little carried away and extended my addin to support not only figures, but tables and code listings. **Listing 0.** Some method1 for (var i = 0; i < 10; i++) {...

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Creating a Toc Addin for Markdown Monster

17 Jul 2017

I’ve been using Markdown Monster for a few days and I’m smitten. It’s a great tool. It was created by none other than Rick Strahl. Rick has been contributing to the developer community for many years. I recall reading Rick’s blog more than a decade a go. The guy’s a legend. Anyhow, today I was finishing up a large markdown document, when I decided it really needed a table of contents. Now, I’m fairly new...

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Unit Testing Cross Platform .NET Apps

09 Mar 2017

I’m working on a new, soon to be released, open-source project. Without giving too much away, it’s a set of libraries for UWP, WPF, and Xamarin.* apps. Now if you’re using VS 2017 to build your apps, the tooling story for cross-platform apps has become ever more unified. You have .NET Standard for cross-platform application logic; much less friction than PCLs in my view. Cross-platform Unit testing, however, is a bit of a missing piece...

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UWP Form Validation with the Calcium MVVM Framework

21 Jan 2017

I’ve published a new CodeProject article covering form validation in Calcium. While the form validation APIs are cross-platform, this article is specific to UWP. It could however be applied to WPF, Xamarin Android & iOS. In this article, you see how to perform both synchronous and asynchronous form validation in a UWP app. You see how set up viewmodel properties for validation, both declaratively and programmatically. You look at how to define your validation logic...

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