Invisible Ink

25 Aug 2017

Hide text in plain sight using this hidden text encoder. Invisible Ink encodes plain ASCII text as unicode space characters. It enables you to embed space-encoded text in plain sight within a document. You can watermark a document or code file, or transmit hidden information within the subject line of an email. Read the full article on CodeProject Download from the Windows Store (Requires Windows 10 Creators Update) Go to the GitHub Repository

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Regex for Single-Line Property Accessors to Expression Bodied Functions

01 Aug 2017

Since C# 6.0 arrived, expression bodied functions have made for more concise properties; turning this: string foo; public string Foo { get { return foo; } set { foo = value; } } into this: string foo; public string Foo { get => foo; set => foo = value; } Resharper has a nice feature that lets you convert property accessors to expression bodied function across your project or solution. But if you do not...

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Creating a Figure Auto-Number Addin for Markdown Monster

18 Jul 2017

Today I was faced with manually updating all the figure numbers in a large markdown document. Given that Markdown Monster has a terrific extensibility model, I couldn’t resist building another addin to automate the updating of the figure numbers. I did, however, get a little carried away and extended my addin to support not only figures, but tables and code listings. **Listing 0.** Some method1 for (var i = 0; i < 10; i++) {...

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Creating a Toc Addin for Markdown Monster

17 Jul 2017

I’ve been using Markdown Monster for a few days and I’m smitten. It’s a great tool. It was created by none other than Rick Strahl. Rick has been contributing to the developer community for many years. I recall reading Rick’s blog more than a decade a go. The guy’s a legend. Anyhow, today I was finishing up a large markdown document, when I decided it really needed a table of contents. Now, I’m fairly new...

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Unit Testing Cross Platform .NET Apps

09 Mar 2017

I’m working on a new, soon to be released, open-source project. Without giving too much away, it’s a set of libraries for UWP, WPF, and Xamarin.* apps. Now if you’re using VS 2017 to build your apps, the tooling story for cross-platform apps has become ever more unified. You have .NET Standard for cross-platform application logic; much less friction than PCLs in my view. Cross-platform Unit testing, however, is a bit of a missing piece...

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