Uwp Accessviolationexception When Navigating To A Page In Another Assembly

15 Aug 2015

When you’re building apps for multiple platforms or deployment scenarios, it is important to manage your app’s configuration in a way that reduces friction and allows you to plainly separate app configurations for each scenario. Having your app’s package manifest file lumped in with your code can lead to silly errors or require a laborious set of steps whenever you perform an app update. For these reasons I like to separate the entry point of...

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Register To Attend The Microsoft Mvp Virtual Conference

17 Apr 2015

Hi All, I wanted to let you know about a great free event that Microsoft and the MVPs are putting on, May 14th & 15th. Join Microsoft MVPs from the Americas’ region as they share their knowledge and real-world expertise during a free event, the MVP Virtual Conference. The MVP Virtual Conference will showcase 95 sessions of content for IT Pros, Developers and Consumer experts designed to help you navigate life in a mobile-first, cloud-first...

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A Better Way To Share Image Assets In Xamarin Forms

13 Nov 2014

I’ve just published the fifth installment of my Calcium for Xamarin.Forms series. In this article you see how to share and consume image files between projects in a unified manner. You see how to employ a T4 template to copy image files from a shared project into iOS and Android resources directories; to add them to your iOS and Android projects; and to set the Build Action of the images. Finally, you see how a...

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Apps Sold In The Eu Set To Receive Tax Hike

09 Oct 2014

Tax rates for digital goods in the EU, which includes apps and in-app purchases, are set to rise significantly on 1 January 2015. This will affect the revenue of many indie developers. If you’re an app publisher, you may want to look at adjusting your pricing. The table below shows the new VAT rates that will come in to effect on January 1st 2015. EU Country VAT rate before 1/1/2015 VAT rate after 1/1/2015   EU Country VAT rate before 1/1/2015...

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Creating A Cross Platform Application Bar For Xamarin Forms With Calcium

08 Oct 2014

I’ve just published the fourth installment of my Calcium for Xamarin.Forms series. In this article you look at defining a custom AppBar in XAML; binding it to collections of command objects and at directly binding AppBar items to viewmodel properties. You see how to employ platform specific rendering to display an AppBar on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. You learn how the Calcium AppBar is multi-page aware and can be placed within multiple pages hosted...

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