Knockout Style Observables In Xaml

25 Jul 2012

This week there was a short discussion on the WPF Disciples about Knockout observables and the implications of field level and owner level data bindings. The discussion can be found in the guts of this post. I wanted to explore the topic further, and I decided to take a stab at implementing something analogous to Knockout Observables and Computed Observables in WPF. In this article we look at implementing field level change notification in WPF,...

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Knockout Inline Binding Handlers

13 Jul 2012

Recently I’ve been working on a HTML5 single page application (SPA). I’ve been relying Knockout with Script#. Nearly all of my application logic is in C#, which has allowed me to reuse a lot of my previously thought out approaches to validation and so forth. I complement that with smatterings of JS in the form of binding handlers and so forth. I’m really pleased with this approach so far. I’ve been finding myself creating Knockout...

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Using T4 To Generate Windows Phone Wmappmanifest Files

06 Apr 2012

Recently, Eric Schoenholzer began an interesting discussion on the Windows Phone Experts group on linkedin centred around techniques for effectively monetizing your apps on the Windows Phone marketplace. In particular, he raised the interesting question of whether it is better to publish a single app with a trial, or whether it is more effective to go for two apps: a free version with ads and a paid version without ads. These days I favour the...

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March .NET Dev Meeting in Geneva Final Date

06 Mar 2012

The date for the next Geneva Microsoft Technology Developers meeting has been set: 6pm Monday 12 March. It’s going to be an extremenly interesting meeting this month. A couple of members have volunteered to present, and it’s bound to be a lot of fun. If you have any small pieces of code or something you find interesting, please feel free to jump up and show it to the group! Don’t hold back! Please feel free...

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Looking To Apollo

01 Mar 2012

I’m here in Redmond attending the annual MVP summit. Besides all the terrific sessions, connecting with product teams, and the after parties, I’m excited about what I’ve seen on the upcoming Apollo release of the Windows Phone OS. While an NDA prevents me from providing any detail, I can say that, in my view, Microsoft is making the right choices regarding the direction of the phone that will make it an easy choice for business...

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