Url Object Serialization

27 Jan 2008

Today’s release of my latest article, URL Object Serialization: An effortless approach to user account confirmation, marks a break from my usual WPF/Silverlight slant. For some time I have been meaning to write up my experiences with creating a fire and forget user account confirmation system. The nice thing about this approach is that very little housekeeping needs to take place, as workflow information can be encapsulated in an object instance, sent to the client,...

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Grand Prize For Codeproject Vs2008 Competition

15 Jan 2008

Today CodeProject announced the final results for the Visual Studio 2008 Competition, their ‘biggest competition yet.’ I snuck it in with Legion, and then Sacha Barber for Silverlight 1.1 Fun and Games. This one was way to close to call and, incase you haven’t already done so, I highly recommend taking a look at Sacha’s article; it’s superb and could have quite easily won it. Kudos to you Sacha.

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Congratulations Sacha

05 Jan 2008

This is my first blog entry, and with it I would like to dedicate it to Sacha Barber. In case you don’t know, Sacha is, among other things, a prolific author on CodeProject.com. Sacha has been an inspiration to me in the writing of my own articles, and has been a great support. I would like to congratulate Sacha for his recent Microsoft MVP and Codeproject.com MVP awards. Good on you Sacha.

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