Clog Podcast

24 Oct 2008

I’ve been fortunate enough to stumble upon various reviews of my software and articles in the past, but today I found something a little different. Erik Mork has a well produced and thoughtful review of Clog, and it’s a podcast!

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Presenting Leading Edge Windows Development

24 Jun 2008

Yesterday I had a great time presenting an introduction on WPF to DEEWR developers and managers. Here is the agenda from the presentation: WPF Features WPF Applications Display Technologies WPF Rendering Tiers XAML & XAML Uses Class Hierarchy The Application Class Layout & Layout Panels Content Model Dependency Properties Property Coercion Routed Events Pages and Navigation Page Functions Commands Styles Control Templates Data Binding Download WPFIntroduction.pptx (206.42 kb)

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Dispelling The Single Workflow Runtime Fallacy

18 May 2008

Like me, you may have read in various books and articles that there exists a restriction of one WorkflowRuntime instance for each App Domain. This is, in fact, not true. In an early beta release of WF such a restriction existed, and this fact has been perpetuated even though the restriction has long since been removed. The following code sample is a simple demonstration to show that there is no problem creating multiple WorkflowRuntime instances....

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An Introduction To Windows Workflow Foundation

31 Mar 2008

Today I gave the first in a series of presentations on Workflow Foundation (at DEEWR). Agenda from the presentation: WF Overview Activities Services Sequential Workflows Rules State Machine Workflows Persistence Workflow Tracking The slides and demo code can be downloaded here (1,015.05 kb) Andrew Coates from Microsoft was kind enough to provide me with trial software handouts for the event. Thanks Andrew.

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Url Object Serialization

27 Jan 2008

Today’s release of my latest article, URL Object Serialization: An effortless approach to user account confirmation, marks a break from my usual WPF/Silverlight slant. For some time I have been meaning to write up my experiences with creating a fire and forget user account confirmation system. The nice thing about this approach is that very little housekeeping needs to take place, as workflow information can be encapsulated in an object instance, sent to the client,...

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